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***Wichtige Info: Wir werden das Meetup auf deutsch durchführen, da die Komplexität der bearbeiteten Themen teilweise recht hoch ist.***

***Important note: We will host the Meetup in German due to the high complexity of some of the topics we are going to work on.***

Agile Strategy Meetup #3 – The Barcamp

Dear Strategy Professionals!

The initial agile strategy kick-off meetup has been a great success. Strategy professionals from all over Berlin joined us and shaped the direction for this lasting series of meetups. Together, we started to find a way on how to shape agile strategy and further understand the principles, methods and metrics underlying. Our goal is to push this framework and get a mutual understanding on how agile strategy will empower organizations best by applying agile strategy.

In Meetup #3, we will approach the open and elementary questions collected in Meetup #1 and Meetup #2 and continue shaping the framework as a group-effort. We will start with input from us and our host, Bytepark, but will then quickly tune into the collaborative part of the evening. Planned as a mini-Barcamp, we look forward to work on questions regarding Agile Strategy and it’s implementation into fast growing organizations.

!Attention! This meetup is not about free booze and dinner. We will bring some snacks and drinks, but please eat before or after! We aim for C-Level, entrepreneurs, managers and strategy professionals, that want to participate in the shaping and development of agile strategy as a framework of methodologies.

Our Vision Statement:
We are driven to find a form of strategy work that is constantly responsive to internal and external dynamics and yet demonstrates absolute operational clout. A strategy that lives up to its time.